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Dunzo Recreates Nostalgic 90s Ads In Its Own Creative Way

| Published on April 21, 2020

Instagram is the ideal social media platform for creative content pieces, made by influencers and definitely brands around the world. Taking this opportunity to share a few smiles during the coronavirus outbreak, Dunzo did just that, and much more!

Let’s take a look at how this delivery app took to its Instagram to create ‘punny’ branding commercials on existing ones, that changed the landscape of Indian branding forever!

Surf Excel’s Lalita Ji

The late Alyque Padamsee of the Lintas Group was the brains behind creating the original Surf Excel advertisement in the 90s. The straight face of Lalita Ji telling consumers how ‘Surf Excel kharidna hi samajhdaari hai‘ (To buy Surf Excel is to make a wise decision) was reattempted by Dunzo currently to appreciate the work of the creator.


For those of you who don’t remember the advertisement, this is the original.

FeviKwik’s Chutki Mein Chipkaye

Pidilite’s popular Fevicol, FeviStick and FeviKwik had catchy slogans complimenting their advertisements. Let’s take a look at Dunzo’s attempt at this masterpiece.


And this was the original advertisement.

Bajaj Scooters

Alyque Padamsee’s ‘Humara Bajaj’ advertisement was a serious hit in the 90s. By using the iconic scooters and bikes in the common Indian man’s life, Bajaj gained popularity amidst the mass since 1989. Dunzo takes a shot at their popular tagline as shown below.


Do you like this or the original ad better?

Cadbury’s Kya Swaad Hai Zindagi

Dunzo went back in time by creating a pun on Dairy Milk’s old advertisements featuring a girl holding a chocolate and dancing to celebrate the country’s victory in a cricket match.


One of Cadbury’s first advertisements for India featured the tagline: “Kuch khaas hai” (something special). Here’s the original to refresh your memory.


Remember the adorable little Complan boy and girl? Featuring actors Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia during his childhood, this brand introduced one of the more popular milk brands available in the country. Here’s how Dunzo claimed their throne.


And of course, the original advertisement is here.

Which of these advertisements is your favourite?

Source: Afaqs

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