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53% Consumers Do Not Trust Influencer Content At All: iCubesWire Survey

According to a recent survey conducted by ad tech platform- iCubesWire, more than half of the consumers don’t trust influencer content at all in today’s times and about 36% of them admitted that influencers have never influenced their purchase decisions.

| Published on July 9, 2024

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In the contemporary times when influencer marketing has grown exponentially in the past couple of years, iCubesWire recently conducted a survey to find out how influencer content shapes consumer behaviour and perceptions. 

With 1000 people as participants, the survey revealed that about 53% of consumers do not trust influencer content at all, hinting at the growing skepticism towards influencers and their recommendations. 

Survey Insights Summary:

  • Trust in Influencer Content: 53% of respondents do not trust influencer content at all, while 23% are moderately trusting, 11% quite a bit, and 13% completely trusting.
  • Perceived Genuineness of Influencer Recommendations: 37% of participants believe influencer recommendations are never genuine, 36% think they are sometimes genuine, 16% often genuine, and 11% always genuine.
  • Influence on Buying Decisions: Influencer content never affects the buying decisions of 36% of respondents, occasionally influences 30%, frequently influences 20%, and always influences 14%.
  • Preference for Local Language Influencers: 36% of participants disagree with the preference for local language-speaking influencers, 34% are neutral, and 30% agree.
  • Influence on Voting Decisions: Influencers have never influenced the voting decisions of 41% of respondents, occasionally influenced 25%, frequently influenced 16%, and always influenced 18%.
  • Comparison with Celebrities: 34% of respondents disagree that social media influencers are more impactful than celebrities, 34% are neutral, and 32% agree.
  • Sentiment Impact: 30% of participants have never felt hurt by influencer content, 32% have occasionally felt hurt, 20% frequently, and 18% always.

Detailed Survey Results:

  1. Trust in Influencer Content:
    • Not at all: 53%
    • Moderately: 23%
    • Quite a bit: 11%
    • Completely: 13%
  2. Perceived Genuineness of Influencer Recommendations:
    • Never: 37%
    • Sometimes: 36%
    • Often: 16%
    • Always: 11%
  3. Influence on Buying Decisions:
    • Never: 36%
    • Occasionally: 30%
    • Frequently: 20%
    • Always: 14%
  4. Preference for Local Language Influencers:
    • Disagree: 36%
    • Neutral: 34%
    • Agree: 30%
  5. Influence on Voting Decisions:
    • Never: 41%
    • Occasionally: 25%
    • Frequently: 16%
    • Always: 18%
  6. Impact Comparison with Celebrities:
    • Disagree: 34%
    • Neutral: 34%
    • Agree: 32%
  7. Sentiment Impact by Influencers:
    • Never: 30%
    • Occasionally: 32%
    • Frequently: 20%
    • Always: 18%
Sahil Chopra, CEO and Founder, iCubesWire
Sahil Chopra

Commenting on the survey findings, Sahil Chopra, CEO and Founder, iCubesWire, stated, “Despite the high level of distrust, the significant portion of consumers who still trust influencer content- 47% shows that there is an opportunity for influencers to strengthen their relationship with followers through genuine engagement and honest recommendations. By being transparent and prioritizing the interests of their audience, influencers can turn skeptics into believers.”

“The survey results serve as a wake-up call for the influencer marketing industry. It’s essential for influencers and brands to understand the importance of authenticity in order to foster a loyal and trusting audience,” he added.

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