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Brands That Chose The Power Couple- Ranbir & Alia As Their Brand Ambassador

| Published on April 28, 2022

In the recent times, Ranbir-Alia wedding is a trending one. The fans are literally crushing over the couple as they post pictures of there wedding on the social media. Amid all this, some of the brands have made sure to not miss the chance of highlighting there brand by making this power couple the face of the brand. According to reports, a source close to the couple stated, “Considering that Ranbir and Alia are top actors from Bollywood, several brands have been approaching the couple for endorsements. However, both Alia and Ranbir are apparently being selective about the offers that they wish to take up. They are not in a rush to do advertisements.
Source: India Today
Let us have a look at some of these brands that have approached or already roped in Ranbir and Alia as there brand ambassador:

1. Lay’s

Pepsi co. has roped in the couple to be the brand ambassador for there potato chips brand, Lay’s. The duo has been featured in the ad tagged as “Smile deke dekho”. In the ad the couple is seen sharing a packet of Lay’s thereby forgetting and getting over all the trivial issues faced by them accompanied by a quirky background music titles as “Smile deke dekho”.

2. Rungta Steel TMT Bar

This ad is perfect for the current scenario, wherein the newly wed is seen to have a discussion, rather a banter over the fact that if the house that they are planning to buy isn’t made of Rungta steel bar then what are the cons to it. Here Alia is seen to be completely convincing RK that there new house needs to be made of this brand stating in the end- “Foundation sahi, toh future sahi”.

3. Flipkart

One of the biggest E-commerce brands, Flipkart also ropes in Alia and Ranbir for there recent campaign named “India ka fashion capital” where the couple is seen attending a college fest and Alia making her grand entry with her stunning outfit from Flipkart. The campaign is aimed towards inspiring fashion-lovers across the country to upgrade their fashion quotient with the newest styles and trends available on Flipkart.

Ranbir and Alia has definitely made sure to set couple goals for us in every way possible. Whether it is real life instance or any hypothetical instance with brands. We wish the couple a very happy married life and to see them endorsing more such brands as power couples.

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