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Brands Join The Excitement For India-Pak World Cup Match

| Published on October 14, 2023

India vs. Pakistan on a cricket field is a battle that has been entertaining cricket fans for years. The atmosphere these matches create can’t be compared to any other duo. Team India is confident after starting the tournament with two big wins against Australia and Afghanistan. Still, we can never underestimate the Pak team with the range of talented players they have.

India vs Pak

The excitement of the match can be guessed by the fact that social media has already been filled with the way people are waiting for the game. Advertisers are having huge hopes from this games and they have spend crores for this. Brands know the hype this match is bound to create, so they are using the opportunity to connect with their target audience and are posting some hilarious yet relatable creatives. Have a look:




Swiggy Instamart



No matter which team wins, brands will be engaging with cricket fans throughout the match. Its fun to see how brands have become superactive with the moments that their target audience finds interesting. Do let us know about the creative that impressed you the most.

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