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BARC Report: 10 Most Viewed TV Channels Of Last Week

| Published on April 10, 2020

BARC has released a report which reveals that week 13 has recorded a 43% growth at 1.27 trillion minutes, a growth of 4% over week 12. The data also shows that the number of channels watched per week per viewer has also gone up from 16 number of channels in week 11 to 23 numbers of channels in week 13.


The return of classic shows like Ramayan, Mahabharat made DD National the most-watched channel across India. Also, the return of Shaktimaan on DD improved slot viewership 52 folds in week 13 over last week in the BARC report.

Ramayan telecast to be delayed on Friday to avoid overlap with PM ...

Rank Channel Weekly Impressions (000s) sum
Week 13
1 DD National 1596923
2 Sun TV 1306360
3 Dangal 1151414
4 SONY SAB 892566
5 Sony MAX 803023
6 Big Magic 750781
7 Zee Cinema 682751
8 STAR Gold 642375
9 NICK 602369
10 ETV Telugu 582758

Due to the lockdown, on average, the viewers are watching television for more than three hours per day, which has further increased in week 13.

This week as well news and movies clocked an all-time high growth across languages. The news grew by 261%  whereas movies grew to 77% and business news by 70%. There has been a 52% spurt in the time spent on watching movies on a smartphone.

Not just television, OTT viewership has increased by 32% since the lockdown whereas online gaming grew by 44%.

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