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Barbie Collaborated With Different Brands For Marketing

| Published on July 11, 2023

When it comes to marketing, BARBIE has always been at the forefront, captivating audiences with its innovative strategies. With the highly anticipated release of the Barbie movie approaching, Mattel and the film’s creators are leaving no stone unturned in promoting the film. The marketing campaign has been designed to be ‘extra,’ perfectly aligning with the vibrant world of Barbie and Ken in their iconic pink Barbie land.

The marketing efforts for the movie heavily rely on licensing deals, merchandising, and exciting brand collaborations. Barbie’s marketing team has masterfully orchestrated a series of unique and wild collaborations that have generated tremendous buzz in the lead up to the film’s premiere.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these extraordinary brand partnerships:

Barbie’s Malibu Mansion with Airbnb


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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Barbie’s Malibu Mansion became available for booking on Airbnb. Fans and enthusiasts had the opportunity to experience the glamorous life of Barbie by staying in her iconic dream house, complete with all the luxurious amenities.

Clothes with Forever 21


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Fashion-forward fans were thrilled when Barbie joined forces with Forever 21 to release a stunning clothing line inspired by her iconic style. The collection offered trendy and stylish outfits that allowed fans to embrace their inner fashionista.

Special-Edition Collection by Fossil


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Fossil has introduced a captivating collaboration with the iconic Barbie, delivering a collection inspired by her timeless appeal. The collection features an array of watches, leather goods, and jewelry to elevate one’s style. As a part of this collab, Fossil has also launched a stackable jewelry collection with pink crystal accents, subtle sparkle and classic charms inspired from Barbie’s favorite things.

Shoes with Aldo


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Barbie stepped into the world of footwear with an exciting collaboration with Aldo. The collection featured a range of chic and fashionable shoes, allowing fans to walk in Barbie’s stylish footsteps.

Xbox with Microsoft


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Bringing Barbie’s charm to the gaming world, a collaboration with Microsoft’s Xbox created a thrilling gaming experience centered around Barbie’s adventures. Players could immerse themselves in Barbie’s world through interactive gameplay.

Toothbrush with Moon


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Taking oral care to a fashionable level, Barbie partnered with Moon to launch a stylish toothbrush line. This collaboration combined dental hygiene with Barbie’s iconic flair, making brushing teeth a fun and glamorous experience.

Rollerblades with Impala


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Barbie embraced the roller-skating trend with a collaboration with Impala, renowned for their retro-inspired rollerblades. The collection offered Barbie-themed rollerblades, allowing fans to channel their inner Barbie while skating in style.

Suitcase with Beis


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For travel enthusiasts, Barbie collaborated with Beis to create a range of travel suitcases and accessories. Fans could embark on their own adventures with Barbie-inspired luggage that exuded both fashion and functionality.

Rugs with Ruggable


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Barbie even found her way into home decor with a collaboration with Ruggable. The collection featured vibrant and playful rugs, adding a touch of Barbie’s world to any living space.

Wrap Up

These incredible brand collaborations have fueled the excitement surrounding the Barbie movie release. By partnering with diverse and well-known brands, Barbie has expanded its reach beyond traditional marketing methods, creating an immersive experience for fans and consumers alike.

As the release of the Barbie movie draws near, these captivating collaborations serve as a testament to the unparalleled marketing prowess of Barbie and the unwavering devotion of its fan base. Barbie continues to set new standards in creative and innovative marketing, ensuring that the world falls in love with her all over again.

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