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Anand Mahindra Gifts Bolero To A Maharashtrian Blacksmith For His Innovative Creation

| Published on January 29, 2022

Anand Mahindra, who is one of the leading industrialists in India, has become a social media sensation. His constant support towards the needy and talented and his philanthropist’s ideology has made him one of the most loved businessmen in the country.

He has been known to gift his Mahindra vehicles to either cricketer who has performed well in recent tournaments to people who are talented yet unable to gain any support outside. Not just vehicles, Mahindra has even extended his support to people who have been working rigorously.

The businessman is again making highlights with his generous gesture. Anand Mahindra gifted an SUV to a Maharashtra blacksmith, Dattatraya Lohar, a resident of Devashtre village.

Dattatraya came into the news last month for his video where he had built a car by refurbishing old parts and using scrap metal. The car built from scratch had auto-rickshaw tyres and a two-wheeler engine – but it took the Internet by storm.

The video caught Mahindra’s attention. Mahindra tweeted about how he is constantly amazed by the ingenuity and ‘more with less’ capabilities of our people as well as their passion for mobility—not to mention the “familiar front grille.”

Mahindra later tweeted that he would offer Lohar a Bolero in exchange for his creation. On Tuesday, Mahindra shared the pictures of the exchange and the happy faces of the family.

Mahindra also informed us that this car will be part of their collection of cars of all types at the Research Valley & should inspire them to be resourceful.

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