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Amul Releases MD R.S. Sodhi’s Video To Address Negative Trolls

| Published on September 11, 2018

Since the rounds of Amul being adulterated as a brand started trolling the Internet, audience, marketers and other brands have been anticipating Amul’s response regarding the same.


Handling Negativity

Well, when negative rumors start surfacing, it’s the duty of the brand to respond to its customers in the most effective manner and that too as quickly as possible. Usually, brands are seen using social media posts, replying tweets and releasing statements via press to shun allegations. But in a recent twist of tale, Amul released a video addressed by none other but the managing director, RS Sodhi, himself, putting all rumors to rest.

The Response

While some people are applauding the move as videos are the need of the hour and also who better to assure of the brand’s quality than the MD himself while some other are also trolling the act.

The main reasons for receiving negative comments on the video are because of Mr. Sodhi’s allegation on competition brand to have spread the rumors. Amul as a brand has always been known for humor and taking digs at others in a lighter manner, so the MD putting serious allegations is not going down too well with people. But then the list of supporters is high, as they see that the brand has used a very effective medium to address people and also faced the challenges head-on.

Expert’s Comments

Dilip Cherian, image guru and consulting partner of Perfect Relations, notes that there are salient points to this incident. “That Amul is facing this head on and quickly is quite admirable. However, a company known for using humor to sell its products should have kept it light while rebutting the rumors,” he says.

“At Perfect Relations, we believe that when, on the rare occasion, a company has a “Signature Style”, it must use it when there’s a crisis or a major announcement. Some may argue that humor may not be appropriate, but the little Amul lady could also stomp her angry feet in a quick animated rebuttal,” Cherian elaborates.

“When quality-related allegations swirl around, it’s imperative for the brand to respond quickly and effectively. Given that the rumors were gaining ground, it’s good that the senior-most person in the set-up put himself out there to reassure customers. And a video is a very effective way to do that,” said Jaideep Shergill, the former chief executive officer of Hanmer MSL and co-founder, Pitchfork Partners

So in your opinion has Amul done the right thing by releasing their MD’s video?

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