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Amazon Pay Takes On Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm With New Strategy

| Published on January 19, 2019

Have you noticed how E-commerce websites like Amazon usually have cashback offers? Sometimes, a variety of them are seen throughout the year.

Well, Amazon has started a new one now. It’s valid till the 31st of January and to be honest, is pretty smart and beneficial.

What are we seeing?

Well, there are two schemes, both revolving around cashbacks. For starters, one has to be using the Amazon pay wallet which was added around a year back.

This scheme seems to be another initiative to ensure usage of its wallet app. And to compete with other similar wallet apps. After all, Indian consumers are in the habit of paying by cash on delivery or using wallets like Paytm for online payments.

What is it exactly?

Both cash load offers cover different payment requirements.

One is for a minimum transaction of RS 5000. That would confirm users to get a RS 1000 gift voucher within 7 days of payment in their Amazon Pay accounts.

The other one is for those who transact in a lesser amount category. It ensures a Rs 50 cashback on a purchase of RS 100 at least.

What is the catch? (Isn’t there always one)

Well, it has certain twists and tales. You need to add balance to your Amazon pay account and can ask an Amazon assistant to help. Also, even after the required payment, you would have money in your account which can be used later.

Secondly, it has to be a cash on delivery option where you pay on your doorstep using your pay balance.

Well, Amazon has played it well. This is a good step to increase customers and clear stock before the next financial year starts! One might also argue, it’s the right promotion method for an E-commerce related wallet to work in the Indian Economy.

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