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All You Need To Know About Future Of Ambanis – Isha, Anant, Akash, Anmol & Anshul

| Published on October 13, 2019

Reliance Industries and the Reliance brand is not a new name to the world. It has been existing for ages, celebrated by the people and lead forward by the Ambanis. Mukesh and Anil Ambani led the company forward, with many ups and downs, achieving milestones that will go down in history.

Now, with Reliance launching so many new products, it is time we know about the next generation, the smart young team that will take things ahead.

1) Anmol Ambani

The 27-year old lad who has been involved with Reliance capital since 2016. He has been a part of the board of Reliance capital, contributing to the digitization process and improvements in terms of innovations for the business. A graduate from Warwick, he followed his father’s footsteps of studying at an Ivy League College.

2) Isha Ambani

The recently married lady, she is known to be the reason behind her father’s idea for Reliance Jio. After graduating from one of the best colleges in the world, Stanford, she has joined Reliance Infocomm (Jio) as a director and also Reliance Retail. She also works in the field of women empowerment and promoting digital adoption in the country.

3) Anshul Ambani

A face we have been seeing at the AGMs for years now, Anshul is 24 years old and ready to enter the industry. He has joined the company after finishing his Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) from Stern School of Business, he is working with Reliance Infrastructure these days. His work involves helping in the operations, focused on the defense business and moving towards sustainable development as well.

4) Akash Ambani

A top-notch representation of the Indian youth, he is the twin brother of Isha Ambani. Currently heading as the Chief of strategy for Reliance Jio, he also co-owns IPL team, Mumbai Indians. He has graduated from Brown University and joined business immediately after finishing his education.

5) Anant Ambani

Famous for his huge and successful weight loss journey, Anant is a massive name on social media. He is a graduate from Brown University and is yet to enter the family business. He mostly works in the field of social service, helps his mom out and is an avid enthusiast for IPL matches of Mumbai Indians.

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