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This Ad Featuring Deepika Padukone Looks Completely Copied

| Published on July 23, 2018

Creating unique has original content is very important, especially in the world of advertising where the audience judges the brand so much only based on their ads. An advertising campaign of a cosmetic brand featuring Deepika Padukone is making news due to its similarity with a Russian magazine shoot.

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The original we are talking about featured Irina Shayk 5 years ago and Deepika is wearing a similar outfit in the new ad. The only major difference is that Deepika looks into the camera, while Irina is posing at the man in front of her. This was revealed by Diet Sabya, which is an anonymous Instagram account dedicated to exposing ‘inspirations’ in the world of fashion. Below is the post we are talking about:

After seeing the above post, it is not difficult to guess where Deepika’s ad got inspiration from. It’s amusing that even the background seems to be copied. We don’t say that it is the fault of Deepika may be the advertiser wouldn’t have told her about the source of this ad.


Deepika is the brand ambassador for a number of popular brands as she connects with the youth of India perfectly. She is smart, experimental and talented. Her fan following of 25 million on Instagram proves that she is active on social media networks. Deepika and Priyanka Chopra are the only female stars India who are ahead of Prime Minister Modi and Amitabh Bachchan.

We recommend creators to be careful about making ads. Originals can never go out of trend and copying is easy to track because of the reach internet provides today.

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