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7 Brands That Are Gaining Growth With Vocal For Local

| Published on August 31, 2020

PM Narendra Modi launched his Vocal for Local campaign at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in India and has supported many companies that are aligned with his ‘aatmanirbhar’ strategy. To be aatmanirbhar is to be independent and barely rely on foreign companies or individuals. Following suit, these companies that are used by most Indians on a regular basis are benefiting from this movement as customers are showing more interest in using the products and services of these brands.

h2>Zoho Workplace

ZOHO Workplace for Business. Work seamlessly from any device

It helps workplace individuals to connect and remotely work from anywhere in the world. If you are thinking of going back to work, try its BackToWork (literally!) facility that will help you transfer all your files back to your office place very easily. More than 50 million users in the USA, Japan, Australia and even the Netherlands use this application.


When the demonetisation situation took place in India, PayTM launched an advertisement with PM Narendra Modi and thoroughly benefitted from this new decision. Within a year, the user base rose from 140 million to 270 million in November 2017. It clearly doubled from what it was.


Patanjali has been capturing Indian market with the increase in awareness of people regarding Ayurveda which has been an important part of Indian history.

Ask Sarkar

Have a question about our Central Government? Use the chatbot ‘Ask Sarkar’ as the AI-powered technology will give you relevant details. This was founded by the Bengaluru based startup, CoRover. This application currently has 700,000 active users and can be helpful for keeping a track of current affairs and government schemes.

Reliance Jio

Facebook reportedly negotiating to acquire multi billion dollar stake in Reliance  Jio - Gizmochina

The vision of Jio has connected well with
Digital India as the company is making its decisions so that every Indian gets access to quality internet services at best prices.

Step Set Go

What if we told you that every step you take could earn you in-house rewards from apps? Step Set Go is based on that idea and rewards you for walking and taking care of your health. It experienced nearly 140,000 downloads on Google PlayStore within 2 months of being launched. They started off as 3 best friends and now have a large conglomerate scaling six million and more users! What a journey!


Desi app Chingari raises nearly Rs 10 crore in seed funding »

With the exit of 59 Chinese applications from India, Chingari became the new favourite, replacing TikTok. It has the same functionality as Tiktok, and currently has more than 10 million downloads on the Google PlayStore. Chingari has also received seed funding from Tinder, iSeed and even Village Global.

Source: Business Insider

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