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5 Best Selling Toy Companies Of All Times In India

| Published on June 29, 2020

We’ve all had colourful childhoods, thanks to the variety of toys each one of us have been bestowed with. They might have been action figures or dollhouses, but every toy meant something to us back in the day. Today, we cherish those companies and compare them to the present day to see which of our favourite brands are still in the rat race of being bestsellers in India.


LEGO | toy | Britannica

LEGO has to be the largest toy company in the world, with a lot of their themes revolving around animated movies like Toy Story. They also have movies with animations created on LEGO characters. This brand has been running since 1932, and has a yearly turnover of $2 billion.


Funskool inaugurates 3rd manufacturing facility in India | The Dispatch

This Indian origin company based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu is a childhood favourite for many, for its range of toys and games for all age groups. The choices are endless, and this brand is considered to be a joint venture between Hasbro and MRF Ltd in India, ever since 1987!

Hot Wheels

Inside the heartwarming world of Hot Wheels collecting -

Who hasn’t collected and played with Hot Wheels in India? The company has been quite famous since decades, and has also paved its way into games and movies! The company has a yearly turnover of more than $1.5 billion, and sells like hot cakes in India, especially for children within the 3 to 9 year age group.


Fisher-Price - Wikipedia

Fisher-Price is considered to be one of the top-notch toy companies in India. It was developed by Irving Price and Herman Fisher back in the 1930s, and manufactures different variants of children’s toys, in addition to baby strollers, car seats, potty tubs and more. You can take care of all your baby and toddler needs by checking out products at their website or an outlet near you.


Chicco - Wikipedia

Chicco has maintained its standards in India, post Independence by developing toys and games for children. The brand also deals with baby and toddler hygiene products. Its presence is noted worldwide, with more than five thousand employees in different countries!

We also remember these other brands from our childhood that have been reigning with different toys for kids of all ages, even today. These include,

  1. Playmate
  2. Mattel
  3. Simba Toys
  4. K’nex
  5. MEGA Bloks

Which toy brand is your favourite?

Source: Brand Yuva

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