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15 Best Movies Will Teach You All About Marketing, Sales And Business That You Always Wanted To Know

| Published on August 28, 2017

These 15 Movies Will Teach You All About Marketing, Sales And Business That You Always Wanted To Know

It’s said that we learn better way when we observe something in front of our eyes. Sometimes movies teach things in a better way. How many times have you tried to learn about marketing and yet failed?

This time we have got a solution for you people. We list for you some movies that are all about sales, marketing, and business. If you haven’t watched them yet, go ahead and give it a chance to understand much more about the marketing world.

1. Sweet November

No doubt it is a romantic movie. The protagonist, played by Keanu Reeves, works at an advertising agency. He is seen to make advertising campaigns. The actress, played by Charlize Theron, introduces him to her friends, who works for a rival advertising agent. They are just opposite of each other. On one hand, the actor’s agency takes aggression in campaigns the actress’s friend’s agency deals with it without any animosity. Thus the two contrasts may show one pro and cons of advertising campaigns and impacts on marketing.

2. Boiler Room

This movie inspirational speech by Ben Affleck is still shown in a lot of sales training. This movie is all about how to sell products and mostly concentrating on how not to.

3. Wall Street

A movie of 1987 that totally depends on business and entrepreneurship. The movies show how an entrepreneur should act concentrating on one’s business rather than manipulation.

4. 12 Angry Men

The theme of this movie is how to use the act of persuasion. It will definitely improve one’s sales skills.

5. Death Of A Salesman

This is one of the three adaptations of the play by Arthur Miller. The plot is about an old age salesman who has lost faith in his business and also his life. He gets into the wrath of the cruelty of society. Mostly the movie shows how this society is and how tough it is to be alive in adverse situations.

6. Tommy Boy

This movie is about a small boy who is not aware of how to sell things. This movie showcases how childhood ends quickly as poverty creeps in and how one must learn to survive. Different ways of selling could be observed.

7. Glengarry Glen Ross

The cast of the movie stands out. Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin and several other great actors have been a part of this. The movie is all about sales and marketing.

8. The Social Network

Wo hasn’t seen this movie? All about ideas and online business this movie teaches that one doesn’t need a rocket science formula to get successful marketing. One needs to be smart to do that.

9. Pirates of the Silicon Valley

A story of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. A must watch for every Entrepreneur.

10. Lord of War

A thriller movie that teaches about marketing too.

11. 99 Francs

The realistic shade about marketing and advertising is all that this movie showcases.

12. Love & Other Drugs

The movie plot depends on the pharmacy business. It shows that having money only doesn’t make someone good in a business, you gotta have an art of marketing.

13. The Pursuit of Happyness

A loving father trying to bring happiness in the face of his child. The speeches are very motivational in this film. The film stars Will Smith.

14. Suckers

How about someone coming at your showroom just for looking at the cars and no intention of buying? Have a close look at what their real intentions are!

15. The Wolf Of Wall Street

The protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, starts as a petty clerk and becomes a bigwig in the world of finance. He knows how to attract attention, persuade people, and sell them his product. Is that all enough to be happy?

If you haven’t yet, just go and watch them!

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