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10 Indian Food Brands For All The Needs

| Published on May 28, 2021

With the onset of the pandemic last year, the Indian government has been encouraging people to opt for local products and services over foreign brands. This initiative, ‘Vocal for local’, has been started with an aim to promote local Indian brands and to help them contribute to the economy both directly and indirectly.

The Indian market is full of locally started food brands. Some recently started while some have been there for decades and have become one of the leading producers and distributors in the country.

Though there are hundreds of brands to choose from, these are the top 10 Indian food products brand that you can choose over the international ones.


ITC‘s Branded Packaged Foods business is one of the fastest-growing foods businesses in India, driven by the market standing and consumer franchise of its popular brands – Aashirvaad, Bingo! Sunfeast, Fabelle, Sunbean, Yippee! Kitchens of India, B Natural, ITC Master Chef, Farmland, mint-o, Candyman, and GumOn.

Tata Sampann

Tata Consumer Products is a focused consumer products company uniting the food and beverage interests of the Tata Group under one umbrella. It is home to key brands such as Tata Tea, Tetley, Tata Salt, and Tata Sampann.


Founded in 1884 by S. K. Burman, Dabur India Ltd is an Indian multinational consumer goods company. The company manufactures Ayurvedic medicine and natural consumer products. It is one of the largest fast-moving consumer goods companies in India.

Everest Spices

Everest Masala is India’s largest selling spice brand offering more than 45 masala variants in the form of both pure and blends. Everest has been accorded the Superbrands status three times and has also won FMCG Consumer Reaction Award.


Paper Boat was launched by Hector Beverages in August 2013. It is a brand of traditional Indian beverages and food products founded by James Nuttall, Neeraj Kakkar, and Suhas Misra.


Haldiram’s is an Indian sweets, snacks, and restaurant company based out of Delhi and Nagpur. The company has been a leading Food Manufacturers Company in India for eight decades now.


Veeba is one of the leading Condiments & Sauce companies in India. The company started off as a b2b condiment supplier to many leading brands like KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Domino’s Pizza in India.

MTR Foods

MTR Foods is a food products company based in Bengaluru, India. The company manufactures a range of packaged foods including breakfast mixes, ready-to-eat meals, masalas and spices, snacks, and beverages.


Britannia Industries Limited is an Indian food and beverage company that was founded in 1892. It is one of India’s oldest existing companies and is now part of the Wadia Group headed by Nusli Wadia.


Founded in 2006 by Ramdev and Balkrishna, Patanjali Ayurved is an Indian multinational consumer packaged goods company. The company manufactures more than 2,500 products including 45 types of cosmetic products and 30 types of food products.

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