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Top 7 Indian Grooming Brands For Men

| Published on July 6, 2020

Gone are the days when the grooming kit came home only for the ladies, gone are the days when men were judged for being concerned about their skincare, gone are the days when only women crowded salons!

Well, men are leading the way in bringing the grooming revolution, from beard care or activated charcoal, men have changed how the world looks at a daily skincare regime. Hygiene and cleanliness, smooth looks and natural products, why should just women have all the fun?

Be the Indian man and check out these homegrown brands, which offer adequate love to your grooming regime!

1) Beardo

Like the name suggests, the brand wants to bring out the uniqueness and passion of a man. From face essentials to night care sets, ingredients like neem and turmeric play a role in the brand’s growth. For men who look for something extra, their Beard Growth Oil and Beard Softener works like a charm for women!

2) The Man Company

The Gurgaon-based company has made a name among investors, due to its fast rise to success and its passionate aura of work. Their Style by Collection portal on their website gives men the easy way out to satisfy their needs, be it the professional office look or an easy breezy summer outing. With great offers, detailed products, and pure ingredients, it wins when it comes to effective pricing!

3) Pahadi Local

Founder, Jessica Jayne found her inspiration in the beautiful hills of the country, delving into authenticity and luxury, to make Pahadi Local the go-to brand for a united regime. From products like Akhrot Ki Tel (Walnut Oil) and Lake Sediment scrub, the freshness of Himalayan ingredients makes your skin feel the warmth it deserves!

4) Bombay Shaving company

A company that started in 2015 and has emerged victorious today, with an investment from corporate Giant Colgate Palmolive, commendable offline/ online presence, and loyal customers. The team built their USP in having an all-round and comprehensive set of products, from shower gels to razors, from facial scrubs to shaving brushes, from perfumes to travel kits, it’s all about the male revolution.

5) The Skin Pantry

The Brand that makes your skin glow, makes it come back to life and gives it positivity, via its simple and well-sought products, The Skin Pantry is on its way to gain fame. Featured by Vogue India, their coffee scrub and lime body milk have proved the smoothness of natural ingredients. Infact, the beauty of their products makes their Instagram page give anyone a run for their money!

6) DoBandar

One of the earliest players in homegrown wellness care, founder Mayura Kabur believes in the true essence of packaging to highlight her product worth. The products are not just made with known and commonly used ingredients like lemongrass, ginger, gram flour, or turmeric, but they also have indigenous packaging of banana fiber paper. A feel of the earth and a way to safeguard the environment, DoBandar successfully plugs all the loopholes.

7) Ustraa

To keep your whiskers shiny and delicate, Ustraa has its special Beard Balm delivered right at your doorstep. The company is an arm of the renowned brand Happily Unmarried, which works to give men the attention they deserve! Siddhant Chaturvedi featured in their latest Ustraawale campaign, highlighting the amazing set of razors and fragrances the platform offers.

So why wait? Check out these products, be the man that looks good and feels good!

In today’s growing and competitive market, you’ll find amazing variety and tons of great options, choose what fits you, your skin type and your budget!

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