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10 Brands Which Are Considered As The Best Social Media Marketers In India

| Published on March 8, 2019

Today Social media marketing has become a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. We cannot emphasize the importance of social media marketing completely among different segments of people. Customers interact with brands through social media and if in this situation brands are unable to connect with audience through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest etc.then, they are missing out huge opportunities. So, in today’s article lets have look at brands which are nailing their social media presence.


Netflix and chill’ have now become an inescapable part of pop culture, at least among the binge-watchers. Their success can be credited to the brand’s online marketing strategies and innovative campaigns like the viral ‘smart socks’ campaign. The brand has an active presence on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.


Food delivery brand Zomato knows its audience well and know how to keep them engaging. Be it the contests or picking trendy topics Zomato is killing it on every social media platforms. Zomato picks trendy topics and posts simple images in order to interact with viewers online.


If there will be a competition of brands making memes then most probably, Durex will be the winner. This condom brand has built its social media empire with creativity and imagination like no other brand in India.


Sabyasachi Mukherjee-the man who needs no introduction in Indian fashion industry. Probably you won’t watch a single ad for this brand on television but they have nailed their marketing in social media. Sabyasachi launches his new collections across all of the social media platforms in alliance with many Bollywood beauties to get more exposure. Also one of the Indian brand to maintain its luxury at its best.

5. Nykka

An Indian e-commerce website offering beauty and wellness products with over 35,000 products and more than 400 brands. The most remarkable point about this beauty and wellness based e-retailing brand is that they own an active blog providing make-up tips as well as has an expert panel of makeup stylists, popular fashion and beauty bloggers and skin, hair, personal care experts who answer questions related to beauty, health, nutrition and personal care through contents, videos in Youtube and other social media platform.

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A study has revealed that 92% of the consumers want their brands to make ads that feel like a story. And they have mastered the skill in storytelling through celebs and influencers.


The industry expert for fashion, beauty and lifestyle have a different approach of marketing. They take the lead in addressing social issues with #VogueEmpower, an initiative to raise awareness on women empowerment and violence against women. They feature Bollywood celebrities in their videos, which add glamour and at the same instant buzz to their marketing efforts.


CAFÉ COFFEE DAY, also well-known as CCD is the largest coffee retailer in India. A very interesting aspect of this company is that they hardly ever did any print, TV, radio or what you might call traditional media advertising. It does only Digital Marketing and in digital it does only web and social media advertising.


Being one of the world’s largest restaurant chain it uses prominent advertising methods on social media. The. Pizza Hut’s Facebook page is among some of the most liked pages in the food industry. The content on their Facebook page mostly contains commercials, promotions, announcements of new products, and pictures. Their use of hashtags, celebrities, and collaborations with other popular pages helps them stay relevant on fans’ news feeds.

10. BMW

Among auto brands, BMW broke the record for the most posts a day: 37 on average, which is 28 more than the industry average. Most Tweets of company’s twitter page have a glossy, high-quality picture attached to them. The brand uses platforms like Instagram to show its cars out in the wild: on the road, in the elements and backed by gorgeous landscapes.

Which among all these do you love the most when it comes to Social Media Marketing? Do let us know in the comments section…

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