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Zomato’s New Tweet Is Making People Remind About “Pani Puri” Days

| Published on March 30, 2020

Missing your favourite street food? The cravings are increasing all the more because of the coronavirus outbreak. Street food vendors and fast food outlets are all shut to keep in mind the hygiene of the country. In their latest tweet on Twitter, Zomato resonated with all the little pleasures we took for granted earlier. These include the famous ‘pani puri’ which is also called ‘puchka’, ‘gol gappa’ and even ‘batasha’.

And with their hard-hitting tweet to bring out the tingling sensation in our taste buds, a number of reactions were drawn. We take a look at some of the funniest reaction to the tweet,

Despite the little teasing, Zomato has earlier cheered for all its customers in putting the effort in making delicious, home-cooked food during this crisis situation.

How are you coping with your pain puri cravings in this lockdown?

Source: NDTV

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