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Zomato’s Marketing Approach That Led To Its Successful IPO Issue Of Rs 9,375 crore

| Published on July 22, 2021

Zomato has created a lot of buzz with its IPO launch recently. With the online food delivery sector on the boom, the timing of Zomato to go public is nothing short of genius.

As per reports, Zomato IPO has an issue size of Rs 9,375 crore and it is set to raise $1.26 billion by pricing its shares at 76 each.

Started in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in Delhi, the brand has become a leading name as a restaurant aggregator and food delivery company.

Apart from contracting with all the major restaurants, Zomato has been really big amongst the discount seekers as well. The numerous offers and deals available on the app have surely made it a foodie’s favorite.

Moreover, what went into making the brand successful can also be credited to the company’s marketing team. They have left no stone unturned when it comes to leaving an impact on the online audience.

From relatable tweets to quirky mailers and notifications to users, Zomato seems to be leading the marketing game as well it seems.

The most famous tweet that put it in the game, to begin with, was where it taunted its customers to eat ‘Ghar ka khana’ too sometimes.

Zomato never shied away from jumping in on with the latest trends either.

Speaking of trends, Zomato has also been very active and outdoorsy with its marketing approach. The billboards fashioned across the nation have been so much fun to read.

Just like many others, even we wrote about the unique CV launched by Zomato for the most ordered dish during the lockdown, Biryani.

Last year, Zomato addressed the most sensitive topic in the most comical way possible. How the brand’s ads were annoying users on Youtube was used by Zomato in the smartest way possible.

With all the hate they were receiving, Zomato decided to change the narrative and asked people to make a one-minute ad for them. The winner was said to receive Rs 25 Lakhs and to everyone’s surprise, Zomato did find the winner. Take a look at the fun ad for yourself.


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While there are many tweets and posts by Zomato that are sure to catch our attention, its recent post right before the launch of its IPO got us all laughing.

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