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Zomato’s Collab With Urfi Javed Creates A Buzz All Across Social Media

| Published on April 29, 2023

Here is the latest Shockvertising campaign, coming from none other than Urfi Javed and Zomato!

Indian television actress and internet personality Urfi Javed have once again managed to grab eyeballs. And this comes after an apparently staged marketing gimmick with Zomato, a leading food aggregator.

In what is believed to be a marketing stunt, Urfi Javed was denied entry into a restaurant in Mumbai. The argument that ensued turned heated, with the restaurant manager refusing her any seat at the restaurant citing unavailability of seats due to Zomato’s ongoing Gold Dining Carnival.

This provoked Urfi who accused the restaurant of denying her entry, due to her choice of outfit she wore at that time. After the incident, a conversation between her and Zomato is said to confirm speculations of the entire episode being a staged one.

Here is a video of the entire episode.

Urfi made her displeasure clear by notifying Zomato about the entire episode of being refused a seat at their restaurant.

To compensate for the same, Zomato sent her a basket as an apology. However, Urfi mistook this peace offering to be a dress and rolled out pictures on social media, with the basket as her top and a skirt made of printed Zomato tapes.

Urfi addressed the gift-turned-outfit- ‘Kisi ka basket, kisi ki outfit’, an indirect connection with the latest movie’s title.

Here is their conversation.

Netizens responded with some hilarious comments on this entire episode.

This proved to be a classic example of shock advertising, generally done to tedium and repetition in advertising. Through a scripted gimmick, marketers aim to grab attention that becomes talk of the town.

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