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Zomato User Who Canceled Order Over Delivery Executive’s Religion, Found To Make Sexist Remarks.

| Published on August 5, 2019

Amit Shukla was recently slammed on twitter by Zomato and many others for canceling his order as he was not happy with his delivery boys religion. People across social media came forward and unanimously supported Zomato and Zomato‘s CEO Deepinder Goyal for their stand in the situation. Zomato’s tweet ” Food has no religion” soon gained momentum and people came to its support in abundance.

This support was soon replaced by anger and criticism towards the online food company. People soon turned and criticized Zomato for not taking the right measures to deal with the issue. And also how Zomato had previously dealt with similar issues and not being considerate towards its customer’s needs. People were also not happy with the idea of a multinational company coming after a single man and shaming him on social media.

#ISTANDWITHAMIT was trending and twitter was again flooding with Shukla’s support tweets.

But it seems the story has not ended for Shukla yet. Taslima Nasreen, a Bangladeshi writer has recently shared a tweet which shows Shukla posting a sexist remark on her picture. Shukla’s sexist comment dated back to 2013 when Nasreen had shared a throwback image of her as a student at the Harvard Kennedy School. Below the photo was the following comment: “@Taslimanasreen well I will say you have great b***s. hope you like my comment”.

However, after the outrage against Shukla increased when he canceled his order citing the religion of the delivery executive, Madhya Pradesh police were quick to take action against him. The police have sought a written undertaking from the man that he would not spread religious hatred.

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