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Zomato Takes Responsibility After Scoring 1/10 On Conditions For Its Delivery Partners

| Published on December 18, 2020

How difficult is it to admit your mistake? Some people take it on their ego and never realize it. When you have all the riches in the world, pride comes hand in hand. But when the world goes against you, even the most powerful have to bow down and apologize. In Zomato’s case, Fairwork India Ratings 2020 had the company at the lowest rank after it scored 1/10 on working conditions for its delivery partners. Not the best reputation for the company after being utilized by most Indians on a daily basis.


However, Zomato’s CEO Deepinder Goyal came forward to admit his mistake. He apologized. It isn’t every day when you hear the phrase ‘I/We was/were wrong’.  Realizing the situation for the company, Goyal came forward with a tweet admitting that they had a lot of scope for improvement and did not see, until now, that the matter was so bad.

And if you think Zomato faired poorly, let us tell you that one of India’s biggest food delivery brands, Swiggy, was tied up at the lowest rank with Zomato. Apparently, their employees have a lot to complain. The delivery partners aren’t treated well. The agitation was seen several times last year when Zomato employees also went on a strike against the company’s policies.

The dissatisfaction stemmed from overwork, poor payment facilities, disrupted communication channels, selective delivery that went against their caste, pick up zone issues, and even unearned ID blocks. This caused a lot of distress for the delivery staff, that travels the entire day delivering one order to another.

Goyal followed up with another tweet saying that they will try their best to bulk up so that next year the rankings certainly increase. He also thanked Fairwork for being a credible source to bring this situation to light.

We are happy that Zomato owned up and are eager to see how the face of the company changes in the next year. Hopefully in the ratings next year, they secure a better position. We also hope that Swiggy also takes full responsibility for leaving its riders in this distress.

Fairwork 2020’s list has the following Indian companies ranking at these positions,

  • Urban Company with an 8/10 score
  • Flipkart’s Ekart with a 7/10
  • Dunzo and Grofers tied together at 4/10
  • Housejoy, OLA, BigBasket and Amazon ATS at 2/10

Source: CNBC TV

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