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Zomato Takes A Dig At Netflix’s Radhika Apte Posts. Twitter Is Applauding The Creativity

| Published on August 29, 2018

Zomato seems to be following the path of Amul and Durex as it is making a habit of being in the news for its creative posts on social media. The marketing team of Zomato is very active and doesn’t leave a single chance to promote the company using funny yet relatable concepts.

Recently Netflix India caught the attention of Indian audience with its posts regarding Radhika Apte and how good her acting skills are. She has become the face of Netflix and has done several roles in a short period of time.

Showing up their obsession with Radhika, Netflix released a video featuring the actress with a caption, “Whatever the role, Radhika apt hai.”

To continue showing their love for Radhika, Netflix also changed its Instagram bio to “Just another @radhikaofficial fan account”.

Radhika Apte

Even yesterday, Netflix tweeted that “Pad Man is now streaming and we’re not just saying this because Radhika Apte is in it but yes Radhika Apte is in it,”

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These posts made Netflix followers express their views and some did that amazingly.

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When everyone is having fun with this, how can we not expect Zomato to show their skills. Today Zomato also joined the trend and released a poster which will make you fall for the advertising team again. Have a look:

Through this, Zomato wants to convey the love Indians have for Paneer just like Netflix thinks Radhika Apte is apt for every role, Zomato believes that Paneer is apt for every dish.

And Zomato is getting applauds for this.

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