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Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats In Trouble For Road Safety Rules

| Published on March 15, 2019

Earlier, ordering food was such a hassle. It was very tedious to call at a restaurant and order for your meal. But the emergence of the food delivery apps in the new age has gradually solved these problems and has been overriding the dining out habits of customers. They have become the hot favourites and the most loved go-to apps for fast food restaurants.

These food delivery apps such as Zomato, Swiggy, and UberEats, have captured the market and the trend by providing convenient services to their customers and offering huge discounts with time-bound delivery or refund offers. So, naturally the delivery employees or the boys of these firms have to be in a tremendous hurry to complete their targets, which leads to rash and negligent driving which even causes accidents.


The traffic police have summoned the executives of these food delivery apps, taking note of such incidents. They have decided to brief the firms about the traffic rules and how their delivery partners have been violating them.

Even the Joint Commissioner of police, have exclaimed that they have been flooded with complaints of traffic violation by delivery boys of online food delivery firms like Swiggy, Zomato, and UberEats.

The police have warned these firms for the last time, and if they continue to ignore the law, they will be facing severe consequences, where the traffic police will be writing to the RTO for cancelling their license.


There have been incidents where the food delivery partners have died in road accidents, one of which took place recently in 2018 in Jogeshwari. These apps have been setting unrealistic targets such as of 30 minutes, which is at all not possible in a normal scenario. But the delivery partners have to fulfil their targets as they are paid on incentive basis, which puts a lot of pressure on them. They are also charged for illegal parking of their bikes.

So, what can be done? The food delivery firms have to think and set realistic targets for their delivery partners.

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