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Zomato Starts A New Trend Calling Punctuations As Food Items. Even KFC Replied

| Published on July 10, 2019

Known for its creativity and crazy content Zomato takes it to another level with his “Food Sign Tweets”. Confused? Well, hear us about it! What is usually used in the english language as punctuation marks were creatively put to use by Zomato to recreate our favourite dishes on Twitter and Twitterati instantly followed.

Throwing all the sugar cravings on the social media, Zomato first tweeted of Jalebi.

Blasting us with our favourite dishes the tweets continued to pour in.

Hearing about chicken KFC obviously got excited and instantly replied to the tweet.

A Twitter user who tweeted a triangle sign calling it a nacho was rectified by Zomato who believed it to be a samosa

Some of the most loved tweets we came across were

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