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Zomato Shares A CV For ‘Biryani’ And We All Want To Hire It Right Now

| Published on September 3, 2020

Zomato has always had the best marketing campaigns. From innovative to interactive, the brand has always had users and viewers talking about their creative approach.

Recently, the brand has again caught all our attention with something that most of us love, Biryani!

So Zomato understood that while the country was slowly coming out of the lockdown, the most ordered dish on the app in the country was none other than ‘Biryani’. The brand was quick to incorporate this in their email marketing and decided to make a ‘Curryculum’ Vitae (not a spelling error) for the dish.

Biryani had received way more than 44 Lakh orders after the lockdown got lifted and has been endorsed by almost 1 lakh restaurants in the country. Taking a point of that, Zomato highlighted the qualities it possesses and showed why it is so appealing to us all.

In the CV, Biryani is looking for the position of the CEO (Craving Executive Officer) in our hearts. The work experience was extensive and true to the core. While talking about the strengths, the dish comes in a ‘Handi’, is multilayered, and smells yummazing.

The words used to describe the dish may look different but once you’ve tried it, you’ll get a hang of it too.

And of course, a ‘Hire Now’ button was there at the bottom so that you can simply ‘hire’, actually order, the dish instantly.

Zomato has always had a bold approach to its marketing & advertising technique. The brand has played a huge role in keeping people hooked to their cravings even when some parts of the country were under the lockdown. It even added a grocery delivery option when all the restaurants were closed during the lockdown.

While many companies have been seen struggling, Zomato has since an increase in its revenue by $200 million from the FY19 to FY20.

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