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Zomato Introduces New Contact less Delivery Option So That Coronavirus Desnt Affect Your Eating Rituals

| Published on March 14, 2020

Amidst the disruption caused by the pandemic Corona virus, most companies are acting quick to avoid hampering their services, especially if it is involved with delivery or travel. Among them, Zomato has introduced a new feature that has made the lives of its customers a lot easier.

Zomato has introduced a new option of ‘Contact less’ delivery that allows its ‘sick’ customers to receive their orders without having to get in contact with the delivery executive. By choosing this option, the executive can send a picture to the customer on the application itself showing that the food packet has been placed outside the customer’s door. Once the delivery executive leaves, the customer can pick up the order. This innovation is a great step to protect the delivery executives as well as the customers.

What is Zomato’s take upon the Coronavirus?

Since delivery executives go to different houses on a daily basis, there is a huge chance of this virus spreading if contracted from a sick customer, or vice versa. In addition to providing adequate leaves to its employees due to sickness, Zomato has saved its business at this time of crisis. In addition to this, the food delivery chain is working to spread awareness about this epidemic to all its employees so that they can take necessary precautions. Sanitizers and masks are also being provided to the executives.

Delivery executives no longer have to put their health on the line to earn more. Zomato is taking necessary measures to aid them financially if they show symptoms. COVID-19 cannot be taken as a joke. It is spreading easily, with a number of cases emerging everyday. It is a new step to combat business especially when the whole country relies on it heavily.

Many tech startups have started taking measures to avoid the COVID-19 epidemic. In a first of things, Zomato has actually utilised a new feature that is being highly appreciated everywhere.

Source: OfficeChai

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