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Zomato Founder Apologized For The Offensive ‘MC BC’ Ad And Promises To Take It Down

| Published on November 30, 2017

Marketing and promotions if done correctly can do wonders for a brand but sometimes even small mistakes can cause big issues for any business. Recently Zomato came up with advertising boards which are very catchy and gained a lot of responses from Twitter users.

What a shameful act!

This is not chutzpah, this is idiotic.

Can’t we have ads that can be enjoyed by all age groups?

This was soon noticed by one of the co-founders of Zomato, Pankaj Chaddah, and he apologized on Twitter and replied about removing this ad immediately. He even tagged Akshar Pathak, a food blogger in his tweet and wrote,

“Hey, while we didn’t mean to, we can see why it can be offensive to people, and we apologize for it.

Akshar replied this tweet with image and wrote “I’ve already started working on the replacement creative.”

Do share your comments regarding this whole story and Zomato’s reply to it.

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