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2 minutes read

Zomato Asked Followers The “Most Creative Restaurant Names” They Came Across

| Published on December 5, 2019

We always remember the restaurants either by the quality of their food or the name of their venture. Often, we see restaurant owners keep funny and memorable names that are so difficult to forget.
Zomato’s twitter account is super fun! Their tweets are enjoyed by literally everyone due to high level of creativity they offer. Recently, Zomato tweeted and asked its followers to tell the most creative restaurant names they have come across, yet.
It’s true we have all come across funny and witty names of food places at some point in time. Zomato’s tweet had got the best responses ever! Some of them even shared real pictures of these restaurants with bizarre names.

Well, the tweets don’t end here but they were hilarious! These were literally the most entertaining post and comments we have ever come across!

When it comes to puns and sarcasm, Zomato’s Twitter page is on Number 1. Some months back, they tweeted and asked their users to sometimes eat at home, as well!
People have done amazing comments on this post, as well and it was really appreciated by everyone! Even pages such as Amazon, TVf, Ixigo have joined this twitter thread to which Zomato replied that they should make their original content, too!

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