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Zara Launches ‘Arm Warmers’ In Its Winter Collection & Netizens Are Confused

| Published on December 22, 2020

Winter season has arrived and people are excited about the winterwear launch. The season is all about layers and layers of style and warmth. Keeping this in mind many big brands have launched their much-awaited winter collections. When we think of apparel, Zara always comes up with quality and unique stuff.


But there is one clothing brand that has become the talk of the internet with its somewhat unconventional design. Zara‘s ‘Knit Arm Warmers with Turtleneck’ have made everyone confused and people just can’t believe that it is really a thing.

This bizarre winter wear is available at a ‘nominal’ price of Rs 1890 and if it is really worth the money… Well! that’s up for another discussion.

As soon as a Twitter user shared a picture of the winter-wear, people on the internet were stumped by the design and had so many questions.

People had a hilarious take on the warmer and some of the tweets truly made us laugh.




Though many people took a dig at this quirky design, many people came out in support of it and their appreciation for the design was pretty genuine it seems.


Though the world is divided in opinion about the very unconventional winter wear, Zara has once again created a buzz in the market.

Would you buy this woolen Arms with turtleneck thingy? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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