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YouTuber Creates A Giant Explosion With 10,000 Litres Of Coke

| Published on August 27, 2020

In the past, a number of individuals have experimented with Coca Cola to show how gassy it can be for our bodies. By utilising menthol and other mints to create an explosion effect in a Coca Cola bottle, the fizz explodes immediately making it a fun and observational experiment. Following suit, this YouTuber created an explosion on a grand scale by utilising at least 10,000 litres of coke!

Maxim Monakhov mixed Coca Cola with baking soda to bring his vision to life. In the middle of an empty field, he decided to go forward by spending 700,000 rubles i.e., more than 7 lakhs on this experiment. A geyser was filled the 10,000 litres of Coca Cola. The video below shows 20 minutes of how the process was carried out, and ultimately, a big chunk of baking soda was dumped in the geyser to create the explosion.

This video has garnered around 7 million views in a week since it was released and has also gained 1.2 lakh comments. Genius? We think so too.

Why Are They Wearing White Lab Coats?

The scientific touch is brought in this video through the use of white lab coats that define something experimental happening. As you can see, the geyser is huge, and we mean, REALLY HUGE! It must have taken a lot of planning to execute this experiment and we definitely salute their bravery. This has been the best experiment so far, turning the Coca Cola and Mentos experiment on a larger scale.

How this explosion was created

By mixing an aerated drink with baking soda, the acid in the former once combined with the carbonate in the latter creates hydrogen carbonate, which passes off as a gas. This is the same reaction that takes place in your body upon consumption and is also a good way of releasing the extra gas that might have been caused by overeating or eating unhealthy.

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