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YouTube Won’t Release A 2020 Rewind Video. Here’s Why

| Published on November 18, 2020

YouTube has been an exceptional platform for all kinds of video, and now, music streaming content. Every year, it releases a ‘Rewind’ video in collaboration with influencers and celebrities, celebrating the most viewed content. This video is a look back at all things phenomenal, and the trend has been lingering since the year 2010. However, they will not be doing so this time. Why?

Google-owned YouTube wants to pay homage to all the ghastly events of this year by unfollowing its trend for the first time in decades. Rewind has been a celebration of content, but more importantly a look back at what a user has watched on the platform. But, they feel 2020 has been different. As the coronavirus pandemic caught up with the world, things don’t feel the same. They have also cited the same on their Twitter handle.

YouTube loves its fans and fans love YouTube. This post made by the platform garnered mixed reactions, but people have definitely complied with their decision. Check these reactions out.

This comment comes from a fellow creator who probably did not get a response from the platform.

A number of users have agreed with their decision, and boy, are they thankful!

What do you think about this move made by YouTube?

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Regardless of them not having a rewind video, we believe that this time we can all take time to explore the platform for its brimming creativity and just enjoy the videos made by dozens of content creators who earn a living through the same. At least there are some of us who have utilised this year in isolation to entertain others in the same situation.

Source: NDTV

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