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This Young Man Can Make India Proud At The World Economic Forum 2018

| Published on January 16, 2018

World Economic Forum every year hosts an event in which they invite people who are trying hard to bring a positive change in society. In the 48th edition which is going to take place in Davos, Switzerland, they have selected four Global Shapers from India to represent Global Shapers Community and share the voice of youth. The names of these candidates are Karanvir Singh who is the Chairman of Visionum Group, a bridge between Government and People, Jaideep Bansal who is Leader – Energy Access, Global Himalayan Expedition which brings solar power to un-electrified Himalayan villages, Dipika Prasad, who is Co-Founder of an urban governance initiative called Lakeer and Kanika Prasad who is Associate Vice President at Intellecap and focuses on scaling social entrepreneurship.


Many international personalities including Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadela, Eric Schmid, Sheryl Sandberg will be a part of this meeting.

As many as 100 Indians are expected to attend this event including many big politicians such as PM Narendra Modi, Chandrababu Naidu, and Devendra Fadnavis. Among all the popular Indians there is one man who can take all the spotlights away from others, his name is Karanvir Singh.


Karanvir Singh is considered as Youth Icon of India, who is the chairman of Visionum Group, a conglomerate that is engaged in multiple socio-commercial ventures involving governments at various levels and domains. Primarily focuses on PPP Tech along with Green Global Trade bringing nations and people together. He leads several projects of socio-economical value which have positively impacted millions across the World. He is redefining value to deliver impactful solutions to the most challenging sustainability issues.

As a global entrepreneur, he is catalyzing the Start-up Ecosystem to restore balance and sustainability by incorporating Strategic Framework, Corporate Mindset and Measuring Success with the robust Socio-Economic Models.

Karanvir is also known as a pioneer of PPP-Tech who has worked extensively with the government on Public Private Partnership. Karanvir is focusing on the front of Smart Cities in the domain of Transportation, Health, Education, Energy, etc. Karanvir is a practitioner in the field of sustainable development with a focus on global goals where his efforts for financial and social inclusion have been duly acknowledged by the government. Karanvir is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and serves as Curator at Indore Hub.

Karanvir is an International speaker and has represented India on various global platforms. He has spoken on the topics of Innovation, PPP, Technology, Startups, International Business, Motivation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Karanvir has delivered 150 plus speeches at various global platforms like World Trade Organization, World Economic Forum, United Nations, covering various global sustainability issues.

Karanvir is an engineering graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication. He holds a Masters’ degree in the field of Journalism & Mass Communication, and another in Social Works. He is an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak and is currently a PhD scholar in “Silent Communication” to improve global communication standards.

Young Global Entrepreneur Karanvir who has got an exposure of travelling to 28 countries, plan to represent the concerns and aspirations of young generation at Davos. A 2017 Survey by the World Economic Forum found that Indian Global Shapers found government accountability and transparency, climate change, and education as the three most critical issues facing the country today. It is reported that discrimination on the basis of religion followed by income causes the most harm.

Nearly half of them thought that individuals will play the greatest role in improving the state of the country, and the majority felt that not important enough was being given to the views of young people while taking decisions. Despite all this, 76% reported felt that the country is “full of opportunities” and thought technologies like Artificial Intelligence are poised to positively disrupt the workplace in India. It is this mix of pragmatic understanding of the challenges facing India, and aspirations for what the country might become which makes their voices so unique and much-needed in the global context.

India is in the transformation state right now and the country needs young minds like Karanvir Singh to shape the nation in right directions

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