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You Can Now Earn By Playing On The Playstation!

| Published on August 26, 2020

Playing video games all day long has been the only dream for gamers worldwide! Now, PlayStation is giving you the chance to give flight to your dreams! They’re now hiring gamers who are willing to try and test new games the whole day. What can be more interesting than this? However, it isn’t that easy! There are certain criteria that you need to tick off.

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How Can You Get Hired By PlayStation?

If you have all of these skills, you might just be the lucky one to get hired by PlayStation!

  • Have a good knowledge of computer games on different platforms.
  • Have a brief idea of the entire MS Office package and its working
  • Software development knowledge
  • Fluent in Portuguese, Arabic or Russian
  • Based in Liverpool

While most of us won’t really make it, some lucky ones surely will and we really wish PlayStation would also hire in India!

Which Profile Is PlayStation Hiring For?

PlayStation is looking for a Localisation Tester! You need to understand the voice and text output of a game while playing it. You will also be required to understand the voice of the game in its native language, which mostly includes translation and even a bit of marketing. Do you think you would be suitable for this job?

The working time will be the usual 9 to 5 job, with a total of 37.5 hours a week from Monday to Friday. The salary remains undisclosed but we bet it’s gonna be a lump sum! Want to know how fellow gamers reacted?

While we’re at it, even we at MM want to sign up for this incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity! PlayStation, can you read this article already?

Let us know if you have friends who are currently in Liverpool and would probably be applying for this position!

Source: ScoopWhoop

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