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Yash Raj Posts An Old Video Clip From DDLJ, Gets Trolled For Supporting Eve Teasing

| Published on January 22, 2019

Bollywood has always played a very important role in the lives of Indians. We get inspired and aspired by our films and film actors and sometimes take the virtual and fantasy based cinematic life way too seriously. Also, these days trolling brands, celebrities and big names of the industry is a trend that everyone wants to follow. Some people have profiles on Twitter and Instagram and other social media platforms only to troll others and add hate comments on the posts. Recently one of the leading production houses of Bollywood was trolled badly on Twitter after they posted an old video clip from the superhit film DDLJ.


The Issue

As soon as Yashraj posted this video clip from DDLJ, depicting the scene where Shahrukh Khan’s character Raj is seen flirting with Kajol (Simran) in the train and she is annoyed and irritated with him. Now people are relating this scene to eve teasing and blaming Yash Raj for ignoring such a pivotal issue and showing men in a bad light. ‘His antics will leave you smiling’ and people think it’s not antics but a simple bad behavior where the guy is harassing the woman even when she is getting uncomfortable with this presence and clearly not interested in his advances.


Need Of A Balance

Although people insisted on the post been taken off, Yash Raj has simply chosen to ignore the allegations and move on. It is actually hard to say in this case that who is right and who is wrong. Since when we talk cinema, we also need to keep in mind the difference between reel life and real life and the ceratin liberties that cinema is allowed to take. On the other hand, yes its also a fact that since cinema inspires many people, morality should be maintained. Well, we will leave it at that and hope that the film industry is more cautious in projecting the mainstream hero’s image and also that people understand the cinema only as a means of entertainment and not take it too seriously.

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