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3 minutes read

Xiaomi Unboxes Mi 11 Ultra Underwater, Highlights Its Water-Resistance USP

| Published on July 22, 2021

Unboxing videos usually garner a lot of attention and brands take utmost effort to see to it that the personalities who are unboxing their newly launched product or the way the product is being unboxed is unique and matches the standard that the brand is trying to set.

Xiaomi, released an unboxing video that is set underwater to prove their point that the latest Mi 11 Ultra is water-resistant. The company’s social media handles have definitely been at the forefront in promoting the unboxing video.

In the video, we see a man in a classy suit, wearing goggles and diving into a swimming pool where he opens the box and turns on the phone.

The ad has in fact been shot on the Mi 11 Ultra phone, capitalising on the trend set by Apple and Samsung which has become a medium of displaying their phone’s features. This has been done by the company in an ad which was released in April this year.

This tactic has been used earlier by T-Mobile too who unboxed the waterproof Samsung Galaxy S7 phones underwater.

The Mi 11 Ultra is available for sale across all platforms and has been garnering attention over the past few days.

It’s safe to say that Xiaomi does a good job at displaying the features of the new phone and highlighting its USP. The ad takes up a unique combination of the peripheral as well as the central route of advertising and engages their audience, holding them captive. The brand has always maintained its messaging to be one that defines class, leaving a viewer waiting to know more and this Ad definitely takes it forward.

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