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Xiaomi Trolls Huawei Over New SmartPhone After Huawei Trolled Apple

| Published on March 29, 2019

Brand wars are not new, it is just that the ways of trolling each other have changed in all these years. The best part about brand wars is that the customer is at benefit most of the times.

SmartPhone industry has grown very big in the past few years. This is due to the fact that internet has changed the using habits of users and people have become dependent on phones for their daily household tasks. Xiami, Huawei and Apple are some of the giants of this industry and they know that only producing quality products is not the way to win customer’s heart in this competitive era.

Smartphone brands have made a habit of trolling their rivals to attract audience and social media platforms help them in doing so because of their direct reach to the target audience.

Recently Huawei launched its new Smartphone series named P30 and Chinese phone maker Xiaomi took this as an opportunity to take a dig.  Xiaomi went after the P30 and P30 Pro and shared a screenshot of Huawei’s launch event on Facebook with the caption, “Is this really necessary?”. The screenshot has Huawei highlighting the prices of their latest smartphones. Showing the features of its flagship phone Mi 9 against Huawei’s P30 series comparing the prices, Xiaomi trolled Huawei.

If you don’t know,  Xiaomi Mi9 is available at 499 euros, while Huawei P30 starts at 799 euros in Europe. Here’s the Facebook post we are talking about:

Xiaomi continued comparing Mi 9 with Huawei P30. Xiaomi wrote: “We really believe in giving you amazing products at #HonestPrices. Do you think a flagship smartphone should cost you a fortune? #Mi9.”

One can clearly see what Huawei was trying by posting in a similar manner like Apple’s events but in response, the company got trolled by its rival Xiaomi in a way that online users are praising their creativity and presence of Marketing Mind

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