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Wondered How Netflix’s ‘Ta-Dum’ Sound Was Selected? Know The Story Behind It

| Published on November 24, 2020

Do you notice the ‘Ta-dum’ sound that Netflix has every time you open the interface? Have you ever wondered why Netflix has that sound out of all the available ‘welcome’ sounds in the world? It seems like a unique choice for an OTT platform. This sound is actually Todd’s wedding band beating on the door. It makes you aware, in the mood for some drama, and indicates a new beginning. Do you know how Netlfix decided on this sound?

Netflix’s Vice President of Product – Todd Yellin – has prior knowledge of sound design. He almost chose the sound of a goat bleating for the Netflix logo animation. While choosing the welcome sound, he wanted something that was crisp and indicated that the platform was cinematic. You should also know that Todd Yellin is the Oscar-winning sound editor for the movie, Braveheart!

Todd Yellin | Podchaser

When the Ta-dum sound was tested, it sounded interesting and dramatic, exactly what resonated with the brand. Upon hearing the sound, one would feel that they’re in for a good dinner with a TV show or a movie marathon of sorts! To achieve the perfect sound, Todd tried knocking his wedding ring against a cabinet and sweetened things up to get the desired effect. It is normal in the film industry, and of course, Netflix went ahead with it!

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So the next time you watch something on Netflix, pay attention to the ta-dum and drop in your opinion on the same!

Source: News24

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