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Woman Sends Boss Fake Tyre Puncture Picture To Skip Work, Twitter Comes Up With Better Options

| Published on January 13, 2020

Sometimes, it’s hard to move from the bed in the morning and get ready for the office. And in such times, what do we tend to do? Find excuses! :p From not feeling physically well to an urgent family function, we have all been to a place of exploring ways that could prevent us from working.

Recently, an incident occured where a very creative woman sent a fake tyre puncture image to her boss to avoid work. The event got viral on Twitter. Read the full story below.

Do not want to work? Fake Tyre Puncture To The Rescue!

@sydneyywhitson posted the picture her colleague sent to the employer, on Twitter, that displays a tyre puncture, an excuse to ditch work. The photo is obviously fake but got viral instantly.

The same tweet got 45.4k retweets, 246.1k likes and thousands of comments where people shared more realistic tyre puncture images.

And the most real of all was..

People have been commenting on the lazy nature of the woman as the same picture is literally the first image that pops up while google search.

And it didn’t end just there.

..with a blend of originality

The never-ending Twitter thread roasted the situation at full length. But, we are still unaware of the mindset of that woman who did this and reports say that it was a Saturday and we all know how lazy weekends are!

So, let’s not judge and keep the photos as future references. :p

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