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Woman Orders Delivery From KFC So That Delivery Guy Could Kill A Spider For Her

| Published on June 15, 2019

Entomophobia- the fear of insects is real and can make you do some crazy things, which is exactly what happened with Demi Sweeney who encountered a spider in her room that ended her up ordering delivery from KFC so delivery guy could rescue her from the situation. 

A college student in England, Sweeney is terribly afraid of spiders and seeing one in her room freaked her out to an extent that she had to call a friend for help who then suggested her to order some food for delivery and see if the driver can help her. 

Sweeney then messaged Deliveroo customer service to see if her spider-billing needs could be met.

Sweeney then decided to give it a shot and placed an order for delivery from KFC. When the delivery driver Joe showed up with the delivery Sweeney pleaded for him to help her out, even though he admitted he wasn’t a fan of spiders either. 

But Joe came to the rescue and agreed to help her out. He pulled up a chair to stand, knocked the spider off the wall and ended up chasing it until he was able to catch it and flush it down the toilet.

Deliveroo replied to her tweet, praising their employee!

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