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Woman Named ‘Siri’ Asks Apple CEO For A Macbook For All The Jokes Made On Her Name

| Published on May 24, 2021

There was a very famous phrase from Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, “What’s in a name?”. Though the writer was right, it turns out not many agree with it. For some, a name has a lot to offer.

A woman named Siri Hafso is apparently not happy with Apple for using her name all these years. Apple launched a system software by the name of Siri in 2011. Ever since that, Siri Hafso has been on the receiving end of many jokes.

Voicing the injustice done to her indirectly and unintentionally by Apple Inc., Siri has asked for some sort of justice or compensation. She penned a letter to the company’s CEO, asking them to maybe give her a laptop in return for all the jokes she had to bear all these years.

Siri shared the screenshot of a letter on her Twitter account with the caption “Hi  @Apple! I wrote a letter to your CEO. Can you spare a computer in return for years and YEARS of Siri jokes? #heysiri”

In the letter addressed to Tim Cook, CEO of the tech giant, US-based Siri said how she once had a unique and beautiful name. People would find it hard to pronounce her name and there was no one with a name like hers that she knew. She even wrote that people would be curious to ask her the meaning and origin behind her name but now all she hears is “Siri? Like the iPhone?”.

Sharing many other instances, she wrote about all those instances when people made her feel less special about her name.

The letter was quite detailed and Siri even wrote how she had recently lost her job due to the pandemic. In the end, she asked Tim Cook for a ‘favor’. For her 30th birthday coming up on 29th June, Siri has asked them to gift her a Macbook. She didn’t even ask for a brand new one, Siri is happy with a hand-me-down too apparently.

Apple hasn’t reverted yet to Siri’s letter but it would be exciting to see what they have to say about it.

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