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Woman Gets Uber Copter As The Cheapest Option. Twitter Is Loving It

| Published on December 30, 2019

A woman in New York who was trying to figure out her commute to the John F Kennedy Airport from her home was shocked to see that the cheapest Uber ride available was a helicopter.

The woman, Nicolee Johnson took to Twitter to share a piece of shocking information.

She tweeted a screenshot from her phone of the Uber app. The app showed her multiple options for the ride among which was an Uber helicopter ride service.

While an UberX would have cost her $126.84, an Uber Pool ride would have cost her a little less at $102.56. However, the cheapest option available was the Uber Helicopter ride at $101.39.

She tweeted the screenshot with the caption, “WHY THE FUCK IS THE UBER HELICOPTER THE CHEAPEST OPTION.”

The tweet went viral soon and hundreds of Twitterati replied with hilarious responses. The tweet till now has been retweeted 144.5 thousand times.

Uber had launched its helicopter ride service almost six months ago called Uber Copter. Uber Copter was started in New York City on July 9 between Lower Manhattan and the John F Kennedy Airport. The eight-minute flight was made available to only Platinum and Diamond members of the Uber loyalty program.

Traffic nowadays is becoming troublesome and the best way to beat the office hour congestion is definitely a copter.

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