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A Woman Gets Rs 70,000 For Not Being Able To Find A Right Match For Marriage

| Published on October 5, 2018

A woman in her late twenties, in Chandigarh, sued a matrimonial site and got Rs 70000/-. This 70000 included a refund of Rs 58,650, which she paid for a Royal Plan, Rs 7,000 as compensation and Rs, 5,000 towards litigation charges.

Her Complaint

As per the lady, she had signed up with this web portal called Wedding Wish Pvt. Ltd. In June and bought a Royal Plan amounting to Rs 58650 for a year. As part of the deal, the company was supposed to send her 21 potential profiles as per her choices and then arrange for meetings with the ones she would select.

The matches provided to her turned out to be meaningless for her and totally did not meet her expectations.

This followed with a series of verbal complaints in the company over the phone and when she did not get a positive response, she sent a legal notice on 30th July to the portal.

Company Claims

As per the company claims, they provided her not 21 but 37 profiles, but she started rejecting them all. Later she also started canceling meetings and did not take calls from company executives as well.

The Judgement

But the consumer judgment went in her favor. They observed that mere call recordings between the company and the lady did not mean that her wishes had been fulfilled.

“In the absence of suitable profiles, it was not possible for the complainant to estimate the suitability of the proposed boys for matrimonial purposes,” added the judgment.

They further felt that it details of potential matches would have been sent to her, things could have turned differently. But nothing of the sort was proved. The consumer court also felt that no customer would in their right senses bring such matters to the court unless they stand unresolved and hence slapped the company with a penalty.


It’s a positive sign that people are entrusting in consumer courts and taking such cases of personal matters also openly for judgment. Paying such huge sums for plans and then not getting service as per expectation definitely calls for all the attention.



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