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Woman Gets ‘Free Chicken For Life’ After Her Kind Tweet About Restaurant Goes Viral!

| Published on September 13, 2019

Kindness goes a long way when food is your bae! 

A regular costumer of a restaurant in Northeast Washington was recently awarded with free chicken for life after her appreciation post on Twitter went viral and got major business to the restaurant. 

Bri Hall, a 24 year old musician who goes by the stage name “La Hara” was introduced to the Roaming Rooster restaurant by her boyfriend Kristopher Head over a year ago. 

Hall took to her social media account to share her love for a particular sandwich of the restaurant. 

She wrote, “While Popeyes is cool and all if you live in the DMV area you should check out Roaming Rooster in DC. It’s Black owned, and the founder Mike is Ethiopian born. He grew the family business from a food truck and has always been kind.”

The tweet garnered over 47.3 K likes and 19.5K comments in addition to the grand gift of free chicken for life by the restaurant. 

Michael Habtemariam, owner of Roaming Rooster estimates that his enterprise, which also operates four food trucks and a restaurant in the D.C. area, has sold somewhere between 4,500 and 5,000 sandwiches since the tweet landed.

Habtemariam said, “It’s the best thing that ever happened to us.”

“Since then, it’s been so hectic, I mean right now, we have people lining up outside the door. It’s very exciting,” he added. 

After the restaurant announced free chicken for Hall, she tweeted:

Hall’s tweet has inspired similar tweets praising the restaurant’s fried chicken making  the food trucks a big hit. 

Hall was also finally able to meet the restaurant owners in person after they announced free sandwiches for her.

Wohooooo! That’s one hell of a gift!

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