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Woman Becomes ASOS Model After Posting Her Tinder Conversation On Twitter

| Published on May 8, 2019

Thea Lauryn Chippendale, 20, a student of Lincoln University recently shared a screenshot of her conversation with her Tinder match on Twitter only to become a ASOS  model on the website. 

There have been many cases of women being mocked and harassed for their body weight, choice of clothing and others with the latest being that of Thea Lauryn who was told by her tinder match Singleton George that the dress she was wearing in her last picture wasn’t doing her any favours. 

Thea posted the entire conversation on Twitter captioned “Men are trash” alongside with her picture in the lace midi dress from ASOS, worth £75 that George had been so offended by.

Her tweet has since gone viral amassing over 90,000 likes, receiving thousands of supportive comments from her followers including ASOS who added her image to the dress’s listing on their website.

Thea said, “If I’m honest, I think matching with him was an accident because I can’t actually remember swiping right for him”. 

“There wasn’t really much more after that, I told him to get a life and to stop dragging girls down because of their own insecurities!”, she added.

Commenting on her reaction to the message she said: “My first reaction was shock and I was quite upset. I wore the dress for a wedding.”

She said, “I was shocked about it going viral and I didn’t expect it at all, but I’m very appreciative of all the positive comments that everyone has been writing, it’s been so lovely.”

While George hasn’t contacted Thea again, she’s aware he knows his comments are online.

Thea said, “One of his friends tagged him in the post, so he definitely knows he’s gone viral.”

All we got to say is “You Go Girl!”

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