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3 Paper-Based Startups Lending A Hand At Sustainability

| Published on July 16, 2023

Globally, 12th July is celebrated as World Paper Bag Day, with an aim to raise awareness about the benefits of using an eco-friendly alternative to packaging and carrying solutions, especially over plastic options available worldwide, that is causing more harm than advantage to the ecosystem.

Since time immemorial, paper has been in use for a variety of reasons. And now with an increase in awareness, this use of this versatile has increased exponentially, be it for writing, packaging, carrying items, cleaning and even has applications in industrial and construction procedures.

Here are 4 paper-based startups that are lending a hand in making the earth a sustainable place to live in.

1.Bluecat Paper

Kavya Madappa and Nikhil Reddy started Bluecat Paper in 2018. The startup produces 100% tree-free paper and sustainable handmade paper and products.

The startup started by conducting extensive experiments using more than 18 varieties of cellulose-rich Agri-waste like flax, lemongrass, mulberry, rice stubble, coffee husk, banana stumps, coconut husk, and even elephant poo.

Since its inception Bluecat Paper has exported its products to around 30 countries all over the world, like the UK, USA, Australia, Spain, Italy and Canada.

The startup has also collaborated with Anna Gadecka, co-founder at Bee Saving Paper, Poland to create a unique paper that saves bees by enabling them to extract glucose from the paper and reach their homes.

2. Adeera Packaging

The startup was co-founded by Sushant Gaur, Atulya Bhatia and Ashish Agarwal. Passionate about handling environmental concerns and leaving a better planet for the next generation, the three found their calling in their mission to replace plastic bags with paper.

Understanding the need for organization in a highly unorganized paper bag industry, Adeera packing today, delivers products pan India with daily deliveries to over 30000 pin codes along with customization options.

Currently, with five factories in India, the startup has committed to use paper from sustainable and traceable sources. Inks used by them are all water-based and adhesives are
food-grade-starch based.

They use 100% plastic-free water and oil barrier coating, which is also heat sealable, making them an ideal eco-friendly choice.

3. OG Hemp

OG Hemp sells paper globally that is all-natural, chemical-free, non-toxic, tree-free and compostable. Headquartered in Kolkata the startup started in 2018.

The startup makes paper using highest quality hemp plant crops and carbon-negative raw material and hybrid composites. Hemp has many advantages like paper made of hemp doesn’t age or discolour, and it is easier to make paper from it without using toxic materials.

Hemp paper lasts long and has minimal carbon footprint. It can be recycled upto 8 times and is highly resistant to mold and mildew.

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