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With Over 10 Years Of Marketing & Consulting Experience, Atmanthan Media Group Is A Single Point Of Contact For All Your Digital Marketing Needs

| Published on July 31, 2021

With over ten years of marketing and consulting experience, the Atmanthan Media Group (AMG) is a single point of contact for all your digital marketing needs.
Some of AMG’s clients include  Bumble, Britannia, Harvest, Dell, Jameson, Royal Stag, Standard Chartered, Goibibo, and Fossil, The group has established its legacy amongst many others. It offers a wide range of services that aim to enhance a user’s experience.

About Atmanthan Group

More than just your average digital agency, Atmanthan Group turns a brand into an emotion that develops a connection and builds a relationship with its client’s target audience. Their mission vests in enabling the mission of every brand by leveraging digital media channels holistically.
With Over 10 Years Of Marketing & Consulting Experience, Atmanthan Media Group Is A Single Point Of Contact For All Your Digital Marketing Needs

Which services does Atmanthan offer?

The host of services that Atmanthan provides include Digital Marketing, Native Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Management, Meme Marketing, Performance Marketing, Twitter, and Google Optimization, amongst many others.

With a community of more than 2000 M+ audience and influencers across all social media platforms, Atmanthan has definitely become a coveted digital media agency that continues to prove its efficiency with every campaign that it delivers. It’s safe to say that the media giant knows how to strike a chord and resonate with the audience, making someone feel and understand precisely what a brand is trying to communicate. The agency has definitely been a game-changer in the industry.

Quite recently, the group was also executed a one of its kind star-studded ad campaign for Seagram Royal Stag. The campaign includes global icons, such as Ranveer Singh, Rohit Sharma, Diva Dhawan, Jasprit Bumrah, Kane Williamson, Young OHM and McDonald Wanyama. The digital agency very well communicated the image that Royal Stag promotes itself as “make it large”. It shows exactly what the brand stands for, and Atmanthan, without a doubt, communicates it very well to the audience.

What contributes to Atmanthan’s USP?

Their Native Advertising service is one that stands out amongst all others. To deliver the right kind of content to the individuals interested in viewing just that, the group creates short-form content. It helps in creating a far more trustworthy and engaging community. It helps one build a conversation with their consumers and further aims to amplify and distribute their content. The group has quickly been able to scale up on the reach and visibility that it delivers to its brands and works with all publishers at the Pan India level.

AMG’s IMP.NEWS, The News platform, which came to life in January 2021, became an instant hit, and today has a community of over 1 million (and still growing) users. The Platform shares Travel, Science, Food, Tech, and the Automobile Industry and brings you the latest updates worldwide. Their upcoming ones are sports and technology through which they aim to build their portfolio.

What speaks a lot about the brand is the fact that the primary approach of the company is based on the analogy that the success of their clients equates to their success as well, keeping in mind that they consider a brand to be a part of their company- one which grows with them together.
With Over 10 Years Of Marketing & Consulting Experience, Atmanthan Media Group Is A Single Point Of Contact For All Your Digital Marketing Needs
Particularly in covid times, under the leadership of the company’s Managing Director, K. Shweta, the brand continues to grow immensely despite the hurdles imposed. Seeing their exceptional growth in this challenging period, the present and the future of the company are also looking promising. Considering that Atmanthan is an aggregator, they hold pricing power with their publishers, which has definitely given them an edge in the industry.

The digital agency’s revolutionary work in itself speaks for all that it has achieved and continues to do so. With a reach of 10,000 plus influencers and the figures running in millions of the campaigns that the company has worked on, Atmanthan Group continues to build on what it continually aims to achieve.

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