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With Just Rs 13500, You Can Start This Business & Earn Rs 14,400/Month

| Published on February 26, 2020

On average, millions of people in India work around 10 to 12 hours a day to earn ₹ 18000 a month. While some find solace in being employed, others want to just break the mundane routine and start their own business.

Today we will talk about a business idea that can be started with minimal investment & great returns.

What All Will Be Required

Starting a homemade beverage business is a lot easier that one can imagine. To start with you will need a mixer grinder/juice (Rs 3500). Serving bottles with a capacity of 250 ML will be required. With one bottle costing Rs. 8, you will require 500 bottles to start with (Rs 4000). Branding & logo designing (Rs 2000). Get the logos printed on the bottles (Rs 3000).

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Pricing & MarkUp

With the above-mentioned expenses along with misc. others, you can easily start a business from home with Rs 13,500.
Post the production a bottle of 250 ML  of milkshake would cost you Rs 60 a bottle. In the market, milkshakes cost around Rs 80 to Rs 100 leaving you a from margin of  Rs 20 to Rs 40 per bottle.

If you are able to make a profit of Rs 40 per bottle and work for 12 hours a day selling at least 12 bottles a day, you can earn up to Rs 14,400 a month.

Since your business will be from you will have to partner with the online food delivery apps. After enlisting your company, your sales will go up substantially.

With a capital of only ₹ 13500, you can earn ₹ 14,400 a month. With the right quality of service & planning & precision, the numbers are expected to only increase and help you earn more from the comforts of your home.

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