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With Just One Raw Material Make Lakhs Per Month In Cow Dung Business

| Published on November 22, 2019

In the Indian Ayurveda, cow dung has been listed with many important qualities. In the early days, even today in villages & rural areas, cow dung is used on a daily basis. More importantly, it is used as a source of fuel to cook food.

But today lets talk about how you can earn profit with the business of cow dung.

Using cow dung to make paper is a business idea that can be profitable when done rightly. The government has also been making paper by the same process for a long time. A plan is being prepared to set up such plants across the country under the MSME Ministry.

Cow Dung

The method of making paper from cow dung has been devised at the National Handmade Paper Institute. Here the handmade paper is prepared from cow dung. The quality of this paper is very good.

Not just paper, a carry bag is also being prepared with this. As plastic bags are getting banned, paper carry bags are a great alternative.

With this scheme, people will be able to get a loan and subsidy for a plant for turning cow dung into paper.

Cost of Establishment.

The cost of establishing these plants is between Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakh. With the business being all about physical labor, these projects will also ensure employment for many. A plant having an investment of Rs. 15 lakhs can easily employe at least 10 to 12 people.

Colorful paper can also be made by mixing the vegetable dye in the mixture of cow dung. And you do not need extra raw material for the dye, it can be made with cow dung too.

Only 7 percent of the material worth making paper is made out of cow dung. The remaining 93 percent can be used to make vegetable dye. These vegetable dyes are environmentally friendly.

Other Benefits

This scheme will also help in increasing the income of farmers as well. The government will have to buy cow dung from the farmers at the rate of Rs 5 per kg to make paper and vegetable dye. A cow can easily make 8–10 kg of dung in a day. In such a situation, farmers can also earn up to 50 rupees extra daily from their cattle.

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