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With Everything Going Digital, Here We Have Digital Colour-Changing Lipsticks

| Published on December 11, 2020

When the world is going through digitisation, it was better late than never when even the beauty industry got its first bout of technology mixed with the latest and trendiest products. At one time, there were talks about perfume emitting capsules that could be orally consumed, releasing a scent through perspiration that would mask the foul odour. That’s an exciting invention if it is ever implemented. But today, we have some digital lipsticks for you. What’s so interesting about them?

1HQ, a branding agency, has predicted the release of a brand new lipstick called Moi. Even though it has not been invented yet, the agency predicts that the power of voice command will direct the lipstick’s technology to change colour and gradient as per the wearer’s demands. This would be a revolutionising aspect for the beauty industry, dismissing the need for buying too many beauty products. This would definitely be a sustainable change.

How Does Moi Work?


In addition to its colour changing features, Moi’s lipsticks will also feature an exfoliant and primer tip. One product that can do it all – that is what dreams are made of. This means that you would not need any lip liners, lip balms or lip exfoliants additionally. You can also choose between different lipstick textures – matte or glossy, whatever you like! Men and women around the world will definitely benefit from Moi. It will be a great asset to the beauty industry, and the users will also be able to bring in their creativity into creating a shade that is quirky, fun and totally unique for the world.

The Technology Behind Moi

Moi will feature an interactive device, that is powered by inkjet printing technology and piezoelectric ‘Drop on demand’ technology. There are tiny nozzles at the tip of the devices that will release the pigment.

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How Will Moi Help The Environment?

Most lipsticks are made of plastic containers and silicon applicators. These are difficult to recycle and just pile up once discarded. Moi will help bring about the change. With just one applicator, Moi provides the benefits of umpteen number of lip products. It has a refillable ink, that can be done if you visit an autonomous ink filling station.

Would you invest in this futuristic beauty products?

Source: PopXo

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